What is UK Sixteen?

UK Sixteen is named, quite simply, after my clothes size. I am a UK size 16, and I have every intention of doing something about it. I am 19 going on 20, studying fashion at uni. There's something very frustrating about being aware of the trends, liking the trends, and not being able to wear the trends.

This is my space to track my progress and to hopefully inspire myself to keep going forward and achieve my goals.

I've always been big and I've endlessly tried to get smaller, but either dieting doesn't do me any favours with the situation I find myself in, or I all of a sudden get this overwhelming confidence that unfortunately doesn't last long, but long enough to allow me to put on a large amount of weight.

When you watch MTV and see that some of the people on I Used To Be Fat weigh the same or less than you, you know it's time to do something.

I look to thinspiration blogs to help me get motivated, and it does do it for me temporarily. However I don't think it helps when you're at least three dress sizes bigger than the people who run them and just need to drop a few pounds. It's not all good days - there are bad days, there are cravings, there are curveballs thrown at you. And this is what I want to show. This is what UK Sixteen is all about.

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