Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Glimpse of Reality

This was the day that I decided to face my demons, and I've decided to share my demons with you. These demons come in the form of an image - two to be precise - of me without the shelter of my baggy tops or my sucky-in jeans. Many people show a picture whilst they have clothes on, but I can fool very easily. When people guess my weight, they generally estimate about two stone less than I actually am, and so I wanted the real truth. Even if the camera adds 10lbs, this is how I want to see myself before I begin my journey.

Here's my diary entry from Wednesday:

When I woke up I was achey, not massively, but achey. Which was a great feeling because it means that things are falling into place nicely! Today I went iiiiiiiin and now I am aching like a bitch - only my upper legs, thighs and groin area though which is great because they're the areas that I'm desperate to fix. I want to start doing fortnightly images of me in my gym clothes so I can see progress beyond this, but the devil images in my book are giving me a rude awakening and I can see what I want to change about myself. I think you work harder when you know you're paying, and I really enjoy the gym. I may do a while on the Slendertone for my abs.
My workout went as follows:
20 minutes on the treadmill (automatic timer) - 2.07km at levels 5.5 - 6.5
25 minutes on the bike - 10.36km at level 5
80 x rotary torsos - 40lbs
200 x abdominals - 40lbs
100 x hip abductors (inward) - 40lbs
100 x hip abductors (outward) - 40lbs
100 x thigh press - 40lbs
20 x thigh press - 55lbs
100 x tricep extensions - 40lbs
40 x chest presses - 25lbs
8 x chest presses - 40lbs
Today's food: honey nut shredded wheat, jacket potato w cheese, beans and salad, chicken and sweetcorn pasta

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