Friday, 8 March 2013

Going H.A.M

Friday is one of those days. It's the last day of the gym week and I'm knackered, and my groin was gradually getting better... As for my food diary, it was brief, but here it is!

I WENT H.A.M at the gym today! Today's workout went as follows:
No bike!
20 minutes on the treadmill (automatic timer) - 2.45km at 6.3
100 x hip abductors (inward) at 40lbs
100 x hip abductors (outward) - 40lbs
80 x rotary torsos - 60lbs
150 x abdominals - 70lbs
20 x abdominals - 60lbs
200 x leg presses - 55lbs
50 x leg presses - 70lbs
100 x tricep extensions - 50lbs
I've slendertoned up today, but I need new pads! Hoping that they haven't gone up too much...
Today's food: grapes, small hot chocolate, cajun chicken wrap, granola with yoghurt, small red berry cooler, sausage w small amount of chips (ate with mum)
Mothers Day this Sunday, and I'm taking mum out to a Mexican restaurant that she likes! Starting to worry that this may affect my weigh-in on Monday with a gym-free weekend!

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