Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Upping the Ante

This is another one of those looking-back posts, and it's one of the best days I have in my diary yet, if not the best.

Mood: Saw a Beyoncé video and felt empowered. Yesterday was crappy and stressy and crappy some more. However today, I am upping the ante. I think I'm going to develop myself a workout routine. If I could combine a mixture of my favourite workout DVDs and morph them into one great workout, that'd be great. Although workout DVDs leave me with a flat stomach and not much else. My thighs are my problem area so maybe all this is useless. I think I'll join the gym. Watch this space...
[that evening] I JOINED THE GYM YAY! Had such a great workout and I really enjoyed it there. I want it to get better and better, so not only will I write down what I eat, but I'll write down what I do. I want progress. I thought I'd be scared about the men there - I get so nervous and self-conscious - and I even considered joining a women's gym. This one's so much cheaper though. It's all because Charlie* said that when he used to go to the gym he went into a 'dark room' that was there for the people working out that were a bit shy, and he just watched them. This thought has terrified me ever since he told me that about three years ago. But I looked around and apart from the odd occasional awkward eye contact, nobody was staring. In fact, everyone was there for the same reason. There's nothing to worry about. The showers there are good too... I know I'm a student on a budget but do you think they'd mind if I saved my water bill and just used theirs? Legit action plan.
My workout went as follows:
20 minutes on the treadmill (automatic timer) - 1.3km at Level 5.0
26 minutes on the bike - 9.95km at Level 4
60 x hip abductors (inward) - 40lbs
100 x abdominals - 40lbs
50 x rotary torsos - 40lbs
Today's food: sweet chilli chicken wrap, chicken and sweetcorn sandwich, salt and vinegar snack-a-jacks
I hate being at uni late, there's no decent food around and I end up eating sandwiches and things made by other people that I guarantee are nowhere near as good for me as if I had made them... 

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